At age fourteen, I helped a friend who was told she was “too big” to be a model by sending her pictures to a magazine editor. The editor called me back, hired my friend, and with that one phone call, I launched my modeling agency. Today, my company ( scouts and sources models of all ages, sizes, colours, and abilities for fashion and beauty brands.

In my blog, I share my adventures of rocking the fashion world to include people of all ages, sizes, backgrounds, and abilities in the magazines and on the catwalks that wallpaper our visual world. I will also showcase the efforts of fashions firms that challenge the beauty ideal, and offer my take on what their moves mean for larger movement towards aesthetic realism in fashion.

Most importantly, I consider my blog to be dialogue between us. Please share your interpretations and feedback. Fashion is an incredible form of self-expression, experimentation, and fun, but the industry as we know it has gotten dangerously off track. Together, let’s bring it back. Together, let’s change the shape of fashion.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Ben,

    You have made quite an impression on me and everyone else. I truly appauld you in what you are doing and will go down in history for taking such risk. You are a wonderful spirit that sees beyond the now, I like that. I hope to work with you some day.


  2. Chris Dobson Says:

    Great speach yesterday Ben. You were engaged in conversation so all I had a chance to say is thanks.

    My fifteen year old daughter loves the idea of modeling (what fifteen year old doesn’t?). I can’t watch model shows with her because I watch as beautiful women have their self-esteem torn to shreds for entertainment and wonder why anyone would want to go threw that. There are so many beautiful kids/women – but they don’t see it. When a father tells a daughter she is beautiful, she doesn’t believe it – she does not match the ideal. When you tell someone you love that what matters is underneath and what’s inside, they don’t believe it because we often don’t look beyond the surface. I told my daughter she was too short to be a model and was glad to have a reason to exclude her from an industry that markets a false message, but now I am going to tell her, send your resume and a couple of pictures to Ben – who knows? Even if she doesn’t make it, she won’t be saying later “Dad…I wanted to be a model and you told me I couldn’t do it.” I would rather tell her, you can be anything…let yourself fly.

    Thank you for your vision.


  3. Lyn Says:

    Ben, I am truly inspired by most of your entries esp in ‘Size Diversity’ and enliven the confidence in me being a size 18/20 model-wannabe.

    Your friend is really fortunate to have someone willing to hire her as a model unlike the country I’m at… there’s definitely no market for plus size yet.

    Out of a favor, I modelled for a friend who owns a blogshop that carries plus size clothes… and had fun posing in front of the camera… when I looked at the pics, I got really cautious abt the way I look and my body structure… started googling for “how to pose as a plus size model” and chanced upon your blog that inspired me.

    Great post, Ben!

  4. It’s about time designers wake up to the fact that they can sell more clothes if they just design and appeal to the average woman who is closer to a size 12.

    I modeled over 30 years ago. My 122 lbs on my 5’10” frame certainly made clothes look appealing to the buyers who judged the new season’s fashions in showrooms on 7th avenue. Now at size 10 or 12 — depending on the season, I still get compliments and rave reviews — but I have to admit I long for my skinnier days.

    My perfect body image has been burned into my mind from long ago when I would strut into a showroom or in a fashion show and get lots of applause for looking like a willowy mannequin.

    When I struggle with my weight now, I tell myself that I feel more like myself when I’m thinner. But I think what I’m really longing for is the highly accepted version of myself as a model figure — back then.

    It’s funny when you think of the limits we impose on ourselves in this level of reality.

  5. Stella Dean Says:

    Hi Ben,

    One of my friends linked me to your blog and it was like I’d found paradise. I enjoy your point of view and your agenda immensely.

    I applaud you for ignoring societal pressures and seeing the beauty in people of all shapes, sizes, and makeups.

    I’m a zaftig nude art model, and I hope that by us showing the world that we see the beauty, that they are allowed to see the beauty in themselves, as well.


    Stella Dean

  6. Vy Says:

    Hi Ben,
    I read your book Fashioning Reality. Luckily it is available in my school’s library. I totally loved the book! I think what you’re doing is great! :)Keep up the gooooooood work.

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