Business of Bliss

January 23, 2010

Ben speaking at the Business of Bliss

Ben speaking at the Business of Bliss

In October 2009, I had the honour of speaking at the Business of Bliss in Calgary, Alberta. The event was a full-day speaker series designed to inspire women to discover their purpose, live their passion, and create a life they love. I had the incredible opportunity to share the stage with Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City; Martha Beck, New York Times best-selling author and columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine; and Peter Walsh, organizational guru from TLC’s Clean Sweep. In my talk, I shared my story of challenging the fashion industry to represent authentic beauty and I extracted tools for the audience to join me in debunking the beauty ideal, re-imagining beauty, and allowing their newfound understanding to inspire their lives. I would like to thank the creator of the event, Kari Dunlop, for providing a forum to turn dreams into reality and, by doing so, lead the lives we want to live.The Business of Bliss

Ben signing copies of his book, Fashioning Reality

Audience at the Business of Bliss


One Response to “Business of Bliss”

  1. Elsa Hegner Says:

    I have just dicovered obout Ben Barry!!! And ordered he’s book from amazone, and just got the book today in the post I am so exated, I have started to read as soon I got the book, I am in the midle already, can’t get enough of the book, What an inspiration!!! I mast say, Thanks for sharing your life story with us….

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