Age is Beauty

January 17, 2010

Irene Sinclair in the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

Women in their 90s are the stars of the catwalk and international beauty campaigns. American stylist and designer Abigail Lorick, stylist of TV show Gossip Girl, presented her her 2009 Spring/Summer collection for her label Lorick at New York Fashion. Abigail ditched the conventional catwalk presentation and instead opted for an interactive performance. Presented in different rooms in a Manhattan apartment, the audience joined models partaking in an afternoon tea party. Abigail also ditched the beauty ideal and included  93-year-old model Mimi Widdel in her show. But this was not Mimi’s first fashion show; she graced the New York Times runways in 1941 (when the newspaper hosted its own fashion shows).

97-year-old Irene Sinclair, a great grandmother from London, was the face of an international beauty campaign for Dove. Her picture has appeared on a billboard in New York’s Times Square, in addition to posters throughout Australia, Canada, the UK and in Vogue, Flare, Galmour ads, among others. Unlike Mimi, Irene was a newbie model but decided to give it a shot because she wanted to demonstrate that age is only a number. She explained: “I got involved to be an ambassador for older people and to affirm that we have a lot to offer and we aren’t past it. I’ve never been beautiful, but I feel I am beautiful now. It’s all about growing older gracefully.”

Mimi Widdel in the Lorick S/S 2009 presentation


One Response to “Age is Beauty”

  1. Ben, have you seen this video? It’s of a 75-year-old (or 92, as some reports have it) salsa maven dancing up a storm. Zip ahead to 1:48 to really see her kick it up a notch.

    A great way to celebrate age.

    Warm regards,

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