Real Women for Real

January 16, 2010

Icelandic artist Didda Jonsdottir, 45, in Brigitte (January 2010)

In November 2009, Brigitte, Germany’s bestselling women’s magazine, announced that they would use real women of all ages and sizes — a mix of prominent women and regular readers — instead of traditional models in photo spreads from January 2010 onwards. Their move was a response to complaints by readers who said they had no connection with the women depicted in fashion features. Editor Brigitte Huber further explained that their decision was motivated by what she saw as a change in the desires and attitudes of female consumers: “Women have changed. They no longer want to see interchangeable, faceless models on the pages of their magazines. They want to see real women. We want to respond to that by showing real women, women who have a profession and who are prepared to give their ages.” What I find particularly exciting about this move is that Brigitte’s decision is not a one-off effort, a promise of a “special issue,” but instead a real commitment to feature a diverse mix of women in fashion spreads in each and every issue. It is an authentic and honest approach to diversity.

Restauranteur Franca Cuneo, 28, in Brigitte (January 2010)


One Response to “Real Women for Real”

  1. Julie Says:

    I too am excited by this as a move that is going to be ongoing. That is what we desperately need more of with things such as diversity and less retouching practices. Here’s hoping 2010 will be the year that consistency reigns supreme.

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