Democratizing Beauty

June 9, 2009


Beauty Industry 46
Beauty Industry 7
Beauty Industry 22

What does beauty mean? The answer depends on who you ask. To the advertising agent, fashion editor, or plastic surgeon, beauty is a one-size-fits-all formula of smooth, thin and young. But to women around the world, beauty does not have a static and narrow definition; it is fluid and complex, based on character and spirit.

Girls and women around the world are making their beauty claims known. Through blogs, Facebook groups, and other forms of social media, they demonstrate that the once omnipresent grip of beauty-makers over women no longer exists; women are now their own agents of beauty. One such FaceBook group, Beauty Vs. Industry, asks girls and women to upload photos of themselves and write what makes them beautiful onto them.

Inspired by this initiative, we now ask everyone who visits us to bring a photo of themselves, write what makes them beautiful onto it, and place it on our wall of real beauty. Our goal: To bring beauty and industry together. Photo by photo, person by person, we are changing how society perceives beauty – and so can you by engaging in these projects. Our request: Send us your photo, write what makes you beautiful onto it, and we will place it on our wall.


One Response to “Democratizing Beauty”

  1. Miss SLY! Says:

    Wonder when we could have a “Real women fashion week”
    Thanks for celebrating true beauty!!!

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